Flint hill station

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Flint Hill Station is one of many residential subdivisions in the greater Fredericksburg, VA area.  It is located near to Hunting Run Reservoir and the Chancellorsville National Military Park, in northwestern Spotsylvania County.  There are 20 individual lots in the subdivision.  The owners of the lots are members of the Association and provide common financial and personal support to road upkeep, street lighting and snow removal for the benefit of all owners and visitors.

The Association was chartered and incorporated under Virginia State laws in 1988 and is administered by an elected six member Board of Directors.  The Board appoints a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer for keeping the day to day processes in order.  This voluntary group of property owners is entrusted with the administrative duties to arrange for road upkeep, snow removal and payment of bills from a monthly or annual member payment for such activities.

The Board conducts meetings throughout the year and all members are invited to participate in an annual meeting, usually held in June or July, to elect the Board.  All board meetings are open to all members in the Association.

A website for the property owners of Flint Hill Station, Fredericksburg, VA


July 2011

The annual Board meeting was held at the Cotter residence on July 17th.  A majority of the members were present.  See the meeting report on the List of Documents page.

August 2011